Saturday, December 28, 2013

Into the Light & Into the Fire reviews

Book 2 in the Forbidden Love series


Jessica was tired of waking up afraid and not knowing what her dreams meant. She just wanted to sleep and have a dream that wasn't plagued with blood or horror. She got her wish and started dreaming about a pair of blue eyes that left her panting and wanting more.

Sebastian is second in command to Angel Knights clan. He, too, is haunted by dreams but he is aware of their source. His past haunts him, guarding his heart and his emotions to anyone who tries to get in. Even from Jessica.

I LOVE Jessica in this book. Yes, the name rocks, but she is a girl who knows what she wants and how to get it! The fact that the book continues to touch upon Brea and Angel's continued story is amazing!

Danielle James keeps it going and I cannot wait to read book 3 in her Forbidden Love Series


Book 3 in the Forbidden Love series
Review: WOW...I have read Danielle's first two books, but this one had me gasping a few times. Danielle James brings to life a love story I never thought possible!

One of Angel Knights band mates, Rebel, becomes obsessed with a curvy stranger. Little does he know Leigh is onto him and wants to put a stop to his prying before her secret is out. Leigh is running from her past and no one can get close to her unless they want to be put themselves in constant danger. Danger must be Rebel's middle name as he is persistent and even after learning about Leigh's past and who, or rather what, she really is his obsession only grows stronger.

The story of the Knight clan continues and in Book 3 gets even better than the last!


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