Tuesday, December 10, 2013

COMING SOON! Erica Stevens Ravening series book 3!

Erica Stevens Ravening series book 3 is coming!!

I can not tell you how excited I am for this book, not only cause I will be a character in it, but Erica has a way of bringing her character to life and their world easy to visualize. You will feel Bethany's emotions and with Cade having some perspective time in book three you will be able to feel him too. Don't think dirty ;)

Ravening Book 3: Teaser 2

  A low snarl escaped Cade as he took a step to the side to try and cover me more. It was useless though, they could all see us and no matter how strong he was he was no match for the numbers we were facing. He would fight to the death in order to protect me but that was something I was determined not to let happen.

   "Hello Cade."

   Everyone in our group's head shot toward us as the woman greeted him with a small nod. I straightened my shoulders and thrust my chin out as her coffee colored eyes slid to me. Her deep brown hair had been pulled into a loose knot that sat against the base of her slender neck. Her slender nose and high cheekbones reminded me of a fashion model, yet there was something about the angular shape of her face that somehow detracted from the aura of beauty she seemed to radiate. She was extremely intriguing looking though and I found my eyes riveted upon her as questions and doubts bounced rapidly through my mind.             

   Cade's jaw clenched, a muscle in his cheek jumped as he surveyed the crowd gathered before us. I didn't know when he'd done it but I spotted a knife in his hand as the light from a lantern gleamed off of it. "Hello Jessica," he responded blandly as he shifted so that his shoulder was against my chest.

   Aiden glanced at me but I kept my face impassive as my stomach twisted into knots. Who was this girl, and how did he know her? She had to be one of his kind, but there were definitely a few humans surrounding her if the fairer color of their hair and eyes was any indication. Unless they were altering their looks now, which would be the easiest thing out of all the deceptions they had unleashed upon us.
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