Thursday, February 4, 2016


Title: Dragon Fire
Author: Danielle James
Release Date: January 30th 2016

Toni thought this would be just like every other Halloween party her family has ever hosted. Until her all-knowing cousin told her that this night would be a life changer. Toni can't help but wonder if it has something to do with the stranger whose face she can't see and smells like heaven...

Dylan just wanted to get out from under his father's thumb for one night. That was when he saw her. She was beautiful, mysterious, and he had to have her. But one night of anonymous passion would never be enough.

His father, a powerful god long forgotten by humans, would never allow it.

Dylan would risk his father's wrath to be with the one woman who could make him complete...

I absolutely squealed with delight when I heard Dragon Fire was coming and would feature Toni, daughter of my favorite character of Danielle James; Rebel. We are quickly placed into the festivities where our Toni is inexplicably drawn to a masked stranger *swoon*

The mystery of this stranger, Dylan, is beyond HOT And the build up will have you squirming in your seat from the beginning. True to Danielle's style, she paints a vivid tale of forbidden love between two very different supernatural beings. If you haven't read her books before don't worry! This is one installment that can truly be read as a stand alone, but your curiosity will get the best of you and you just may have to one click a few more of her titles *wink*

What I didn't expect was having my emotions get the best of me while reading this book. At one point I was cry so hard I couldn't even see my Kindle screen.

All in all, I absolutely loved the attitude, hotness, flow, visuals, and did I mention Rebel (No, seriously he is a top book boyfriend for life).

Ok, so here's a little bit about me. I am a thirty something year old mom from Owensboro, KY. I have always wanted to write, and now, I am. There is nothing more satisfying than to hear the people you care about telling you how happy they are for you or someone you don't know saying how much they enjoyed your book. Except maybe the feeling of seeing your book for the first time...

I enjoy lots of different kinds of books, and many different authors. Some of my favorites are, but not limited to, Sandra Hill, Lori Foster, Kelly Armstrong, Stephen King, James Patterson, J.R. Ward and Emma Holly. But I think I would read just about anything with a good plot.

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